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WAMKEY Crown Remover

WAMKEY Crown Remover

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The WAMkey Intro Kit has everything you need to remove a crown or bridge in a quick and easy manner including a) three sizes of WAMkeys No1, No2, No3;  b) instructional DVD.

All components in this kit are fully autoclavable (130°C/275°F)

WAMkey enables you to remove a posterior crown in 1-2 

minutes and re-use either temporarily or permanently.
Locate the cement layer between the occlusal surface of the abutment and the inner side of the crown itself Drill a thin horizontal hole in the crown Deepen the hole until it reaches the centre of the tooth preparation Insert the WAMkey into the cavity Make a simple rotation of the handle (1/4 turn) The crown is immediately removed along the vertical axis of the abutment



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