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Tooth Slooth and Tooth Slooth II

Tooth Slooth and Tooth Slooth II

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  • Helps locate cracked teeth that normally cannot be detected clinically or radiographically.
  • Small indentation of instrument delivers force of bite to one cusp at a time.
  • Easy to use on lingual cusps.
  • Speeds diagnosis and minimizes patient discomfort.
  • Eliminates unpredictable and inaccurate testing objects such as orangewood sticks, cotton rolls, rubber wheels, etc.
  • Eliminates patient discomfort and helps the patient understand the need for treatment.
  • Repeat procedure will render confirmation of diagnosis unlike other testing methods.
  • Autoclavable

    Features and Use:

    • Helps cement crowns, onlays, inlays and bridges
    • Slot holds anterior crowns in place during the cementation process
    • Pointed end for use in testing for sensitivity in the fossa area
    • Knurled slip-resistant surface
    • Blue for identification convenience
    • Autoclavable
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