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Designed for accuracy, Clinician's Choice TempTray™ is a distortion-free, disposable, metal temporary tray with extreme versatility. TempTray is available in anterior and posterior variations for use in either upper or lower arch. The sidewalls of the tray are high to encompass virtually any crown length.

TempTray ensures a perfect matrix in a single take. Designed for sectional arch impressions, TempTray is not prone to the distortion commonly associated with insertion and removal of a plastic dual-arch tray.

TempTray is customizable, rigid, and versatile. Simply widen or narrow the sidewalls to suit your patient’s particular arch dimension and/or misaligned teeth. Perforated walls stabilize and retain the matrix material. Removal is easy thanks to TempTray’s quick grip lip.

Combine TempTray with Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material for the most efficient method of making a matrix for temporary crown and bridge fabrication.

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