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TempCanal™ Enhanced

TempCanal™ Enhanced

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Temporary Calcium Hydroxide Root Canal Treatment Paste

Flows through 27-gauge x 25mm endodontic irrigation needles with 2-side-vents for controlled placement and uniform coating of canal walls, and with closed end to prevent overfills.

TempCanal™ Enhanced with pH > 12 provides full benefits of calcium hydroxide in root canal therapy.

Routine Treatment Between Office Visits

  • For routine use as an intracanal dressing between office visits to cleanse the canal.
  • pH > 12 cleanses canal
  • Replaces hazardous formocresol

Treatment of Complicated Cases

  • For complicated cases involving traumatic injury and other instances where extended calcium hydroxide therapy is indicated.
  • Treats periapical lesions, abscesses, traumatic injuries, root resorption, root perforations, and weeping canals
  • Stimulates apexification and apexogenesis

Preferred Delivery System

  • Easy flow formula – will not clog 27-gauge needles
  • Non-drying paste – long working time
  • Non-setting – easily removed with file and irrigation
  • Standard luer lock syringe – one-hand operation
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