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ShieldForce Plus Desensitizer

ShieldForce Plus Desensitizer

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Shield Force Plus is an advanced light-cured, resin-based desensitizer that delivers immediate and long-term relief for pre-op, post-op, and other forms of dentinal sensitivity.

3 Years of Relief*
Relief for hypersensitive dentin, gingival recession, and post-op sensitivity. Shield Force Plus improves bond strength and can be used under every direct or indirect restoration.

2 Layers of Protection
Shield Force Plus advanced Double-Block Technology delivers immediate and long-term relief from sensitivity by providing two layers of protection with only one application.

1 Easy 30- Second Application
Complete the Shield Force Plus procedure in 30 seconds before etching or applying any adhesive. Shield Force Plus is non-toxic and irritation free** – safe for you and your patients.

*Results may vary based on patient diet, proper oral care, and conformance to product directions. Wear data tested in vitro.

Kit Contains: 3ml Btle, 25 Applicators, Dispensing Well

Also Available in 3ml Refill Bottle,

**Glutaraldehyde free

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