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ProDose™ Disposable Tubes & Plugs

ProDose™ Disposable Tubes & Plugs

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Providing low viscosity, an all-purpose tip is intended for placement of syringeable composites, glass ionomers, core materials, impression materials, and cements. If needed, the tip may be clipped to a larger opening. The needle tube (19 ga and 20 ga) is a flexible stainless steel needle tube for the placement of cements, base materials, core buildup materials, and other gel type materials in deep proximal boxes and postholes.

● Easy to load
● Dispense cement or composite
● Restore within minimal voids and porosities
● Can be used with most syringes on the market
● Photo-blocking brown tint extends the life of light-activated materials
● Material mixture accessible, eliminating pad-to-mouth motion
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