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PrepStart H2O Hydro Abrasion System

PrepStart H2O Hydro Abrasion System

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PrepStart™ H2O represents a next-generation in air-treatment by incorporating a proprietary combination of air- and hydro-abrasion technologies. Designed to facilitate anesthesia and dental bur-free dentistry in a minimally-invasive manner, with the added benefit of water.

PrepStart H2O achieves cleaner and smoother preparations while also improving the bond strength to popular substrates, including Zirconia. The system can be successfully used by clinicians, dental hygienists and assistants in helping them perform ancillary clinical functions such as cleaning the margins and internal surface of preparations, removing stains, remnant restorative materials, or infected carious dentin or biofilm.

We recommend micro abrasion as an essential step in tooth preparation cleansing prior to cementation with any luting agent. The PrepStart is a unique product for this purpose because it can reduce the air pressure, powder flow, and minimize the mess."

- John Kois, DMD, MSD Prosthodontist, Founder/Director Kois Center, Seattle WA

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimally-invasive dentistry without a dental bur
  • Anesthesia-free cavity preparation
  • Cleaner and more conservative preparations
  • Increased clinical efficacy and patient comfort for patients sensitive to dust
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