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Prelude One (Single Btle Adhesive)

Prelude One (Single Btle Adhesive)

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Looking for a versatile, single-step, self-etch adhesive system? Look no further than Prelude One™.

Prelude One is a versatile and efficient dental bonding agent! Its ability to serve as both a self-etch and total-etch adhesive, along with compatibility with various types of composites without needing an activator, makes it convenient for dental practitioners. The short light cure time of Prelude One (10 seconds) is also a notable feature, allowing for quicker procedures.

The compatibility with a wide range of surfaces, including dentin, enamel, and various materials like zirconia and porcelain, adds to its flexibility in dental applications. The application process seems straightforward, involving a scrub, air dry, and light cure sequence.

The high clinical rating of 96% from 29 consultants based on 972 uses indicates that it's well-received in practice, likely due to its effectiveness and ease of use. The availability in both dropper bottles and unit-dose vials provides options for different preferences and situations.

Overall, Prelude One is a reliable choice for bonding composite resins in various dental procedures.

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