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Prelude Adhesive

Prelude Adhesive

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Independent tests confirm that Prelude has the very high 5 minute and 24 hour bond strengths. It also has the smallest standard deviation, proving Prelude to be very technique insensitive. 

Prelude is extremely forgiving for the presence of moisture. Too wet, or too dry is not a concern. Its water/ethanol formulation tolerates an environment that would adversely affect many other products. 

The remarkably low 5 micron film thickness means restoration fit is not affected and it will not present a radiolucent layer. Bond strengths to cut and un-cut enamel are extremely high. It is ideal for Cerec* and other cast systems. 

Prelude Primer - The primer is water based with a methacryl phosphate and hydrophilic monomer to condition the tooth prior to restoration. 

Prelude Adhesive - When used by itself, without the self-etching primer, serves as a superior total-etch adhesive when total etch technique is preferred. It compares to Optibond™ Solo Plus.* 

Prelude Link - Converts Prelude Adhesive to dual-cure when needed for self/dual cure composites. Link makes Prelude ideal for posts and other indirect restorations.

  • Use on dentin, cut & uncut enamel, porcelain, and composites
  • Light-Cure & Dual-Cure
  • Fast, simple application
  • Consistently exceptional results
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