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Orbiter Light Guide Shield

Orbiter Light Guide Shield

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Using a curing light without good eye protection can have consequences for your work and vision. Each exposure to curing light damages your retina and can cause macular degeneration. Instead of looking away or awkward shields, use The Orbiter® for the efficient, quality protection.

The Orbiter® offers valuable benefits when compared to other methods:

✔️EASY TO USE: Research shows that 50% of dentists fail to use eye protection when curing, since most filters are cumbersome. The Orbiter® allows curing in a safe, efficient and hassle-free way. Attach it to your curing light, and the counterweight adjusts to the upright position as you work. This means that the device is in place to shield your eyes.
✔️SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY: Freely rotating means you rarely adjust and when you do, it is easy. Nudge the shield with a free finger on the hand holding the light or thumb on free hand.
✔️PROVEN QUALITY: Unlike many products, the material blocks out 99.8% of harmful blue light. Allowing doctors and staff to perform curing with confidence. They know their eyes are well-protected and restorations fully polymerized

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