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Following in the footsteps of OMNICHROMA, OMNICHROMA FLOW is a one-shade flowable composite, capable of matching any of the 16 Vita Classical tooth shades with a single shade of composite. By eliminating the need to shade match or stock multiple shades of composites, OMNICHROMA FLOW simplifies restorative procedures and allows dentists to reduce their inventory, saving them time and cost.

OMNICHROMA FLOW is indicated for class I through V restorations in anterior and posterior teeth. Superior shade-match and esthetics, excellent mechanical properties including flexural and compressive strength and high wear resistance, and low linear shrinkage make OMNICHROMA FLOW an excellent choice for dentists looking for great cavity adaption and long-time performance. Also available will be OMNICHROMA BLOCKER FLOW, a supplementary material to aid with shade matching in cases where not enough tooth structure is left, such as large class III and IV cases, or when staining needs to be blocked out.

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