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Microetcher IIA Nozzle Tips

Microetcher IIA Nozzle Tips

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I Nozzle - Standard nozzle for the MicroEtcher II. 0.048” orifice and 60° angled tip. Autoclavable.

Precise and Autoclavable Pit & Fissure Nozzle for MicroEtcher™ II, IIA and CD aids clinicians and dental hygienists in successful application of pit-and-fissure sealants as well as other clinical uses including the removal of remnant cement or intraoral repair of porcelain restorations.

Features & Benefits:

Enables wide range of clinical applications including placement of pit-and-fissure sealants
Manufactured for precision and high-quality performance
Rotatable and interchangeable
Durable and autoclavable

MicroEtcher IIA ergonomically designed, slim profile nozzle that allows greater intraoral visibility, 360° rotation, precise control and is fully autoclavable.



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