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MicroEtcher IIA

MicroEtcher IIA

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An intra- and extra-oral sandblaster, MicroEtcher™ is a vital piece of armamentarium for every dental practice and laboratory, for a wide array of indirect procedures including luting, cementation and repairs of crown-and-bridge restorations. When preparing a restoration for adhesion, MicroEtcher cleans and etches the surface using micro-mechanical abrasion which results in an improved bond strength for subsequent applications. The proprietary design incorporates a precise and ergonomic handpiece with 360-degree rotatable and interchangeable nozzles which support other indications including the application of pit-and-fissure sealants.

*Important Note: This MicroEtcher IIA, II, ERC do not come with a quick disconnect kit.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent surface micro-roughening for strong and reliable adhesion
  • Preparation for intra- and extra-oral luting, cementation and repairs of indirect restorations
  • Precise, ergonomic and autoclavable handpiece
  • Fully rotatable and interchangeable nozzles
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