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Luxator Starter Kit 4pc

Luxator Starter Kit 4pc

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 Luxator L3C, L3S, L5C, L5S and Luxator sharpening tool

Reasons to use Luxator® Periotome

Atraumatic extraction - The fine tapered blade compresses the alveolar bone and cuts the periodontal ligaments, gently easing the tooth from its socket. Reduced damage to the surrounding tissue results in better anatomy for an implant site.

Maximum tactility - The use of highest quality materials gives the instuments outstanding tactility.

Ergonomic design - The ergonomic design handle minimises fatigue and the amount of force needed during an extraction.

Wide range of sizes and shapes - There are many varieties of blades, sizes and shapes available, each with their own specific use and purpose. This enables users to choose the ideal instrument for any extraction.

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