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Lime-Lite™ Enhanced

Lime-Lite™ Enhanced

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Calcium, Phosphate and Fluoride Releasing • Moisture Tolerant • Universal Dentin Shade • Radiopaque

No Sensitivity and a More Adhesive Cavity Liner and Base

Lime-Lite™ Enhanced is specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites and conventional restorative materials. It contains an improved moisture-friendly formula with the following characteristics:

  • Greater adhesion to dentin
  • Greater release of calcium, phosphate and fluoride
  • Durable – high compressive strength and wear resistance
  • Shock absorbing – will not fracture or crumble
  • Contains no Bisphenol A, no Bis-GMA, and no BPA derivatives

4 x 1.2mL/2 gm syringes Lime-Lite Enhanced + 20 applicator tips

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