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Kuraray Katana Cleaner 4ml Bottle

Kuraray Katana Cleaner 4ml Bottle

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Kuraray Noritake Dental has developed KATANA™ Cleaner, a universal cleaner with MDP salt and a pH of 4.5 for intra- and extra-oral application.

Removes contamination to optimise your adhesive procedures. During trial fitting your restoration might become contaminated with proteins reducing the bond strength. KATANA™ Cleaner has a high cleaning effect due to the surface active characteristic of MDP Salt. In contrast to other cleaners, KATANA™ Cleaner has a pH value of 4.51 which allows usage not only extra-orally but also intra-orally. It is the easy way to optimise your bondings including cementation procedures. Due to its mild pH value of 4.5, KATANA™ Cleaner can be used not only extra-orally but also intra-orally, making it an all-purpose universal cleaner for both – tooth structure and prosthetics.


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