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FenderWedge® and FenderMate®

FenderWedge® and FenderMate®

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Protects tooth and gingiva during preparations.

Bur damage to adjacent teeth is a common problem in everyday dental practice. Research shows that 70% of adjacent teeth suffer damage during class II preparations. * FenderWedge prevents damage to the adjacent tooth and gingiva that commonly occurs during Class II preparations. FenderWedge is a combination of a steel plate and a plastic wedge. It facilitates the easy application of a matrix. To avoid aspiration, it is recommended to secure FenderWedge with waxed dental floss. Available in four sizes, x-small, small, medium, and large in refill-, value pack or assortment.
Sectional matrix for Class II composite restorations

FenderMate is a pre-curved, one-piece sectional matrix and wedge that provides for quick, safe, and predictable composite restorations, with a tight contact and cervical sealing. FenderMate is designed to be inserted either buccally or lingually. The matrix reaches from the base of the wedge to just above the occlusal surface. The side of the wedge facing the adjacent tooth has an angled wing. During insertion, the wing presses the matrix firmly against the preparation, giving a tight seal at the cervical margin. To form the contact point the matrix has a pre-contoured indentation, which mimics natural contours. When a rubber dam is not used, it is suggested to secure FenderMate with waxed floss. FenderMate is available in refill-, value pack, or assortment and in two wedge sizes; Regular and Narrow. Regular sizes are dark in color, while Narrow is light. FenderMate wedges are colored either Blue or Green to define the Left or Right sides respectively.
FenderWedge & FenderMate Intro Kit
FenderWedge: X-small 3 pcs, Small 3 pcs, Medium 1 pc, Large 1 pc total 8pcs
FenderMate: Left Narrow 8 pcs, Left Regular 2 pcs, Right Narrow 8 pcs, Right Regular 2 pcs total 20pcs
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