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EPIC®-TMPT - Composite

EPIC®-TMPT - Composite

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  • Creates a better cervical restoration.
  • Flexes with the tooth to reduce stress at the margin.
  • Reduces chances of leakage, sensitivity, staining, and pop-out.
  • More resilient than traditional microfills—much more resilient than hybrids.
  • Reactive organic filler chemically bonds to the matrix.
  • Polishes beautifully.     3 gm syringe ,      15) .25gm capsules (3.75gm ttl.)

I really like Parkell’s Epic-TMPT restorative. I use it primarily for Class V restorations because it adapts beautifully, gives me terrific margins and polishes well.
— Ross W. Nash, D.D.S.


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