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Directa CoForm Matrices

Directa CoForm Matrices

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Directa CoForm is an innovative aid for forming composite restorations around difficult incisal edges and fractures. Made from celluloid plastic, this product conforms easily to natural dentition giving more natural and better adapted restoration and is easy to remove without drag. The Directa Coform is ready to use and supplied in a ready cut series of mesial and distal corners for anteriors, canines and first premolars. Four sizes of each provide adequately for all eventualities

Item No11M6040-3611D6040-3721M6040-3821D6040-3912M6040-4012D6040-4122M6040-4222D6040-43.   

13M 6040-44
13D 6040-45
23M 6040-46
23D 6040-47
31-32M 6040-48
31-32D 6040-49
41-42M 6040-50
41-42D 6040-51
Small Kit, Assorted (64pcs) 6040-34
Large Kit Assorted (128pcs) 6040-35


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