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Digitest® 3 Pulp Vitality Tester

Digitest® 3 Pulp Vitality Tester

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The Digitest® 3 electrically stimulates the tooth to test for vitality. Comparing the response to the stimulus of the suspected tooth with a known healthy tooth’s response to an identical stimulus can help you hone in on the source of the patient’s pain.

With the ability to offer the additional diagnostic test of electric stimulation using the Digitest3, dentists worldwide are routinely diagnosing and treating problematic teeth that otherwise might have to forgo treatment until a later date, when the problem more clearly presents itself.

When percussion, ice, heat and radiographs are not enough, electric stimulation may be the diagnostic tool you need for determining the cause of the patient’s discomfort. That's where the Digitest® 3 comes in.


  • Single tooth testing
  • Intuitive single button operation
  • Multiple test settings to accommodate your personal preference
  • Self-calibrating for quick easy setup
  • Ergonomic design
  • Four autoclavable probes (included) promote easy access to all tooth surfaces
  • Standard 9V battery enables simple in-office replacement
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