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Compex HD Heated Composite Dispenser

Compex HD Heated Composite Dispenser

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  • Comfortable all in one heater and dispenser – saves space, easily moved room to room.
    Heats most composite compules currently on the market.
    Delivers all composite without temperature loss.
    Charge no more than once per week under normal use.
    Fast compule insertion and removal saves time.
    Minimizes cross contamination by dentist or assistant.
    Full charge time is only 4.5 hours.

    • Light weight handheld rechargeable device.
    • Heats a broad range of compules.
    • Heats compules to 155ÆF (68ÆC) in 40 seconds or less.
    • Heats up to 100 compules without recharging.
    • Easy to load and unload with patented ejector mechanism.
    • Silicone sleeve and barrier bag.
    • Short recharge time.
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