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Clinician's Choice® Quad-Tray® Ultimate™ Posterior

Clinician's Choice® Quad-Tray® Ultimate™ Posterior

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The Quad-Tray® Ultimate™ Posterior is a game-changer in the world of dental impressions. Its features are tailored to address common issues encountered with traditional impression trays, offering unparalleled accuracy and comfort for both practitioners and patients. Let's break down some of its key benefits:

  1. Precision: With its lightweight yet ultra-rigid aluminum construction, the Quad-Tray Ultimate ensures minimal distortion during the impression-taking process. This translates to highly accurate impressions, reducing the need for costly remakes and saving both time and resources.

  2. Secure Fusion: The Unique Ultra-Lock mesh design securely fuses the preparation and opposing impressions to the tray. This feature enhances stability and ensures precise alignment, resulting in consistently high-quality impressions.

  3. Comfort and Compatibility: Rounded distal ends and a customizable wide arch cater to a variety of arch shapes while ensuring patient comfort. The low profile distal bar prevents impingement at the retro molar pad, further enhancing patient comfort during the impression procedure.

  4. Optimal Design: Low sidewalls prevent palatal impingement and axial roll of the tray wall, contributing to a smooth and efficient impression process. This thoughtful design minimizes discomfort for patients and facilitates seamless workflow for dental professionals.

  5. Environmental Responsibility: The tray's 100% recyclable material aligns with sustainable practices, reducing plastic waste and environmental impact. By choosing the Quad-Tray Ultimate, dental practices can contribute to a greener future while maintaining high standards of clinical excellence.

Overall, the Quad-Tray Ultimate™ Posterior offers a comprehensive solution to common challenges associated with traditional impression trays. Its innovative design, coupled with its focus on accuracy, comfort, and sustainability, makes it a valuable addition to any dental practice seeking to optimize patient care and efficiency.

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