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Calset™ Composite Warmer

Calset™ Composite Warmer

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The Calset heats to: 98 ̊F, 130 ̊F & 155 ̊F, warming the composite increases the depth of cure, improves the composite flow, shortens curing time, reduces micro-leakage and improves the physical properties of the composite.

Calset with MultiPro Tray – Flexible configuration, Warms 3 dispenser, 4 complules, syringes and/or finishing instruments. 

By warming composite, the properties change in a positive way. Once the composite has been warmed to 130°F or 140°F, and the composite is cured immediately after placement, a greater depth of cure is experienced in the same amount of curing time, hence a much stronger restoration.When the composite is warmed, it becomes more flowable. By becoming more flowable, the composite has much better adaptation to the tooth structure, which decreases microleakage significantly. When a flowable is used prior to 
composite placement, the shrinkage is much greater since the resin is very thin and there is very little filler. When composite is warmed, you are still using a heavily filled material, therefore the shrinkage is much less.

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