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Add&Bond™ Adhesive Composite Primer

Add&Bond™ Adhesive Composite Primer

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For Unsurpassed Bond Strength on Cured Composite

Remove a little of the old composite with a bur. Rinse and dry the surface. Brush on Add&Bond™ and agitate it on the surface for about 10 seconds. Then, apply fresh composite and cure everything with your light. The thin layer of adhesive between the existing and new composite is resilient and very strong.

  • Quick repair of fractured composite.
  • Improves the adhesion of resin or fiberglass posts.
  • Repair or re-marginate a bis-acrylic temporary.
  • Provides a thin, flexible yet strong layer between existing and new composite.

    • (1) 5ml Bottle of Adhesive Primer
    • Disposable Brushes
    • Mixing Dish
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